Frequently Asked Questions


Still have a question? Reach out to us via email at or call/text us at (781) 269-9812!

Will my cat(s) get the entire room to themselves?

Yes, your cat(s) will be boarded privately and will not share space with any other client's cat(s), just like how you would not share your hotel room with other guests.

Are you able to board multiple cats?

Yes, we are able to board up to three cats from one household at a time. Please refer to the 'Rates & Services' page for multiple cat boarding rates.

Can I take a tour of The Kitt Inn to make sure it is the right fit for my cat?

Yes, we offer tours by appointment on a regular basis. You are welcome to bring your cat(s) along for the tour provided we are not hosting a guest at that time. Please email us at or call/text us at (781) 269-9812 to schedule your tour today!

What are your hours for check-in and check-out?

Check-in and check-out are arranged by appointment between the hours of 8am and 9pm daily. We may be able to accommodate your schedule outside of these hours on a case by case basis. Please inquire when booking to confirm availability.

Do you offer transportation services?

Yes, we offer one-way and roundtrip transportation services to your home up to 10 miles from our address. We may be able to accommodate you if you live outside of the 10-mile radius on a case by case basis. Please inquire for pricing and availability.

What should I bring for my cat's vacation at The Kitt Inn?

For Standard Boarding, the only supplies you need to provide are food and litter, and any medications/supplements your cat might need. Many cat parents will also provide treats, toys, and other familiar items from home, such as a bed, blanket, or clothing item. Our amenities include food/water bowls and a litter box, but cat parents are welcome to bring their own if they prefer.

How much time will be spent with my cat(s)?

Your cat(s) will get ample amounts of time and attention from us. We work from home full-time, so our guests are never alone for long periods of time. We check in many times throughout the day (once every 1-2 hours between 7am and midnight), which lasts anywhere between a few minutes each time and up to an hour or more depending on your cat's social needs.  Depending on your cat's mood, behaviors, and body language, we adjust our levels of quality time (i.e., duration of check-ins) accordingly, but our frequency of check-ins remains the same.

How many times per day will you provide updates?

We understand wholeheartedly how stressful it can feel to be apart from your cat(s). You can expect to receive two updates each day with photos/videos, once during the daytime (typically between 11:00am and 3:00pm) and once during the nighttime (typically between 6:00pm and 10:00pm). Unlike other facilities, we allow customers to customize their update frequency; simply let us know if you wish to receive less or a lot more than two updates per day and we will adjust to meet your needs. Please note: updates are sent via text message unless email is explicitly requested.

I have separation anxiety and am so worried to be away from my cat(s) for such a long period of time. Could I reach out to ask how my cat is doing or even FaceTime my cat?

Yes, we are here to put your mind at ease. If you are feeling worried, anxious, and are really missing your cat, whether you are on vacation or traveling for work, we want to make sure your trip is not riddled with stress and anxiety (we know the feeling and how awful it is!). You are welcome to call/text us for a live update of your cat(s). If you would like to say hello to your cat(s), simply let us know and we will schedule a video call.

Are there windows at The Kitt Inn? Can they be opened for my cat to get fresh air?

Yes, The Kitt Inn is a bright and sunny room with two windows that can satisfy your cat's sunbathing and birdwatching needs. We open windows to allow in fresh air when weather permits. Note: For the safety of your cat(s), we do not leave windows open without an innkeeper present.

I purchased a grooming and nail trim session. Could I provide the supplies instead of using The Kitt Inn's supplies?

Of course! If you and your cat are more comfortable with us using a brush or nail clipper that they are familiar with, we are happy to use your supplies. Just remember to pack them when it's time for your cat's stay!

My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. Will you let my cat play outside?

Unfortunately, it is much too risky to allow your cat outdoors, even with supervision. The high risk of escape coupled with the potential exposure to parasites, poisons, and other animals is much too high. Allowing your cat outdoors would compromise our ability to keep your cat(s) safe and healthy. If your cat enjoys the outdoors, we highly recommend treating them to an outdoor stroller walk add-on.

I am interested in all-inclusive boarding. What kind of food and litter does that come with?

When you select All-Inclusive Boarding, we take care of all your cat's supplies (excluding medication/supplements). Your cats will be provided the same premium, high-quality food and litter that our resident cats use. If you have any hesitations about the brands/products we use, we suggest that you select the Standard Boarding type.

I have a senior cat and I am worried about them climbing on the cat trees and up onto the dome bed on the wall. Can you prevent my cat from climbing your furniture?

Absolutely! As parents of our late 22-year-old cat, we know exactly what it is like to care for a senior kitty. We are happy to accommodate your older cat and remove access to any furniture that might put your cat's safety, health, and well-being at risk. 

I have a kitten/young cat that is very rambunctious and mischievous. If they break or destroy something, will I be fined?

No, The Kitt Inn was designed just for cats and is meant to be enjoyed by cats the way they want to enjoy it. We welcome our guests with open arms regardless of how sassy and mischievous they are! And unlike human hotels, we do not charge a deposit for incidentals nor will we fine you for "overuse" of the room and its furnishings. 

Do you clean The Kitt Inn between guests?

100%! Upon checking out, we thoroughly vacuum, mop, dust, and sanitize the room to prepare for our next guest. This ensures not only cleanliness, but also the removal of any scent from the previous guest, which is important as cats are territorial creatures. We only use high-quality, non-toxic, pet-safe cleaning products at The Kitt Inn.

What forms of payment do you accept? When is payment due?

We currently accept Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and cash. Half of the total payment is due at time of booking to reserve your spot, and the remaining half is kindly requested prior to or at time of check-out (i.e., when you pick up your cat or when your cat is dropped off by The Kitt Inn transportation). If you find it more convenient to pay in full upfront, you are welcome to do so.

Do you have references?

Yes! References are available upon request. Please send us a message at and we will happily provide them.