About Us

Introducing The Kitt Inn: A Luxury Cat B&B, Where Feline Elegance Meets Opulent Comfort

Indulge your beloved feline companion with a lavish getaway tailored exclusively for the most discerning of cat lovers. At The Kitt Inn, we redefine the concept of cat boarding, providing an unmatched experience for your precious fur-baby.

Immerse your pampered purr-ball in the lap of luxury as they step into our exclusive boutique cat retreat. From the moment they arrive, they will be greeted with a royal welcome fit for a cat of their prestigious status.

Our world-class accommodation boasts a spacious suite adorned with plush bedding, elegant furnishings, and exquisite décor that will leave even the most persnickety whiskers in awe. With ample room to stretch, play, and bask in the sunlight, your cat will feel like true royalty at our resort.

At The Kitt Inn, we understand that entertainment is essential for a truly enchanting stay. Our cat-centric oasis offers an array of delightful diversions curated exclusively for our esteemed whiskered guests. Unleash your cat's inner adventurer as they embark on an immersive moving picture experience. Our high-definition Samsung “TV” has the ability to whisk your cat away on imaginary journeys and engage their senses in a captivating visual spectacle. Our cat-size pool table (a customer favorite!) and scratching accessories provide an irresistible outlet for your cat's natural instinct to sharpen their claws. And what would a cat's entertainment haven be without any elevated lounging areas? Our magnificent cat trees and wall-capsule cat bed sit tall, inviting your furry friend to climb, perch, and survey their temporary kingdom. With multiple platforms, cozy hideaways, and dangling toys, The Kitt Inn is the epitome of luxury and playfulness intertwined. Every detail at The Kitt Inn is meticulously designed to cater to the tastes of our beloved cat clientele. So sit back, relax, and witness the joy that fills their eyes as they explore the wonders of our video programming, pool table, toys, scratching posts, cat trees, and plush beds of a diverse variety.

Unmatched in our commitment to exceptional care, our team of devoted innkeepers and concierges ensures that every cat receives ample attention and high-class service. From 24/7 monitoring to individualized play sessions, we cater to the unique needs and preferences of your regal companion. Security and tranquility are our top priorities at The Kitt Inn. Our premises are equipped with an advanced surveillance system, climate-controlled environment, and the highest quality amenities, ensuring your cat's safety, comfort, and well-being at all times.

Embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and entrust your cherished feline to The Kitt Inn. Reserve your cat's exclusive getaway today and allow your cat to discover the true meaning of comfort and luxury at their next best home away from home. Because they deserve nothing but the absolute best.

Our Team

Connie Tang - Innkeeper

Meet Connie, a passionate advocate for cats and feline aficionado. Having grown up surrounded by the company of cats, Connie developed a deep bond and understanding of these precious animals.  Connie began her volunteer work at a local MSPCA when she was in high school, and continues to volunteer for several local animal shelters and organizations. Today, fostering kittens has become an integral part of Connie's life. She takes in foster kittens whenever possible, nurturing them until they are healthy and strong, and meets with potential adopters to find them loving, forever homes. 

When she's not busy caring for cats, Connie finds joy and inspiration through her other passions: her career in healthcare IT, food, and travel. Exploring different corners of the world, she seeks out new experiences, cultures and cuisines, and, of course, encounters with diverse feline friends along the way. This is all made possible by her remote-based work allowing the flexibility needed for her to hone in on her passions as a cat caretaker and globe-trotter.

Ryan Dexter - Innkeeper

Meet Ryan, a cat dad whose passions encompass a diverse tapestry of interests and talents. With a love for cats, a zest for travel, a flair for cooking, and love of playing piano and riding his motorcycle, Ryan's life is a captivating blend of ambition, creativity, and adventure.

Ryan's affinity for cats is boundless. His home is a sanctuary for his feline companions, filled with love, care, and plenty of playtime. Travel is another passion that ignites Ryan's spirit. Whether traversing bustling city streets or basking in the serenity of natural landscapes, Ryan embraces every opportunity to expand his horizons and create lasting memories in new destinations.

In his spare time, Ryan also finds inspiration and creativity in the kitchen. Whether it's whipping up a homemade pasta dish or mastering the art of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee, his culinary creations are a true labor of love, shared with friends, family, and, of course, his beloved cats.

Professionally, Ryan is deeply dedicated to his career in the customer success industry, building meaningful connections with people from all around the world. His commitment to providing exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction is a testament to his genuine desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others, including his furry and whiskered clientele.

Kai & Keanu - Concierges

Meet Kai and Keanu, brothers who defied the odds and triumphed over a challenging start in life. As tiny feral kittens, they were discovered in the wild, but their journey led them to become gentle, sweet, and affectionate souls. When Connie and Ryan took took Kai and Keanu in as foster kittens, they never expected them to become permanent family members, but some things are just meant to be.

Kai is a true cuddle-bug. His favorite pastimes include loving head-butts and curling up in the arms of his adoring human companions. When called upon, Kai responds enthusiastically with his tender and adoring vocalizations that we call “Kai cackles.”

Keanu is a mastermind and purveyor of feline wit. With an intellect as sharp as his claws, Keanu is a cat of unparalleled cleverness and boundless curiosity. From his crafty antics to his cunning problem-solving skills, Keanu's quick wit and clever maneuvers keep everyone on their toes. 

Kai and Keanu's journey from feral kittens to cherished family members showcases the transformative power of patience, kindness, and a nurturing environment. Their gentle and calming presence radiates a positive and comforting energy that lets guests know that The Kitt Inn is a welcoming and safe place.

Kittie - President

Meet Kittie, (nickname “Keebs”/“Kiba”) the timeless muse and beloved inspiration behind The Kitt Inn. Without Keebs, this business simply would not exist. Adopted in 2001, Kittie lived a rich and remarkable life and brought an abundance of joy, beauty, hope, and unconditional love to her family.

During her 22 years of life (104 human years!), Kittie exuded a fierce, vivacious, and irrepressible spirit. Her regal demeanor, energetic presence, and affectionate nature are an embodiment of all that The Kitt Inn stands for – a haven of positive energy and light, happiness, peace, and comfort.

As the muse behind The Kitt Inn, Kittie inspired a team of dedicated humans to create an oasis for cats, ensuring that each guest receives the utmost love, care, attention, and pampering. Kittie's influence can be seen in the meticulous attention to detail, the luxurious accommodations, and the unwavering commitment she has tasked her humans with to provide a space that reflects her own spirit, grace, beauty, and high standards.

Beyond her role as a muse, Kittie is a beacon of inspiration for a life well-lived. Her longevity, vitality, and resilience are a testament to the power of love, compassion, and a nurturing environment. Her spirit encourages others to embrace the beauty of life, live in the present moment, and to cherish and appreciate the simple joys that surround us.

Kittie's legacy will thrive at The Kitt Inn and be carried on through her adoring  humans. Although she is no longer with us in the physical world, Kittie continues to bless us as a guardian angel whose positive energy, inspirational force, and spiritual light remain forevermore.